4 X Medley Ergo Bed With Side Rails

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Clearance 4 x Medley Ergo Profiling Beds

The Medley Ergo  offers the perfect balance of economy, functionality and quality. The optimised length of the mattress platform sections provides increased comfort for clients when sitting up in bed and also reduces shear and friction when the bed sections are adjusted.

The Medley Ergo can be easily transformed into the Invacare Medley Ergo Select. This model is particularly stylish with natural beech facias covering the motors, creating a homely feel.

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Optimised dimensions of the mattress platform
The mattress platform sections has optimal dimensions designed in accordance with anthroprometric statistics and has been pressure mapped during the design process.. The Medley Ergo offers: • Increased comfort when sitting • Reduced shear and friction from sliding downwards during profiling • Suitability for shorter clients

Improved functionality and efficiency
The Medley Ergo has been specially designed for speedy assembly and quick transportation to meet the needs of Residential and Community care. The Medley Ergo can be supplied on a transporter kit so that it can easily be moved and installed. In addition, any assembling can be done without the use of tools.

Height range supports clients and carers
The flexible design of the Medley Ergo allows the bed to be mounted at a low height, or a higher position if preferred, creating a range of working heights for the carer and transfer heights for the client. This is facilitated by the unique feature of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted in both upper and lower positions.

Full length side rails
The Medley Ergo is available with wooden or steel full length side rails. Wooden extendable side rails (150mm) are also available as an option.

Scala 2 range
A range of collapsible, three quarter length, steel side rails are available in various heights to cover standard to deep mattress heights, such as dynamic mattress systems.

Homely design
The Medley Ergo Select offers an attractive, homely design. Available as a retro-fit to the Medley Ergo, this aesthetic bed end cover fits with precision over the bed actuators, and can be removed at any time.
The Medley Ergo Select has a leg support that is equipped with a rastofix to enable individual positioning for the legs

Easy to transport
Medley Ergo beds are easy to assemble and dismantle and can be transported using transporter kits (optional).

Double height positions for bed ends
Adjustable height range for Medley Ergo of 330-730mm or 400-800mm

Optimised dimensions of mattress platform
According to anthropometrical measurements, the optimised dimensions meets the body size of a wider number of clients and reduces shear and friction

Mattress support extension
Extension kit for increasing the length of the bed by 150mm.

Transport fitting
For easy storage and transport.

Hand controls
Available with or without lockable functions.


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