Anti-Slip Slide Sheet 100cm x 100cm


This Anti-Slip Slide Sheet helps with rotation and repositioning when getting in and out of bed, whilst helping to prevent any slippage; off the bed. This Slide Sheet has an anti-slip panel, which reduces the risk of a person sliding forward. It is essential that the product is only used by people with good upper sitting balance.

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MORE INFO: Our Anti-Slip Slide Sheet is a brilliant little product that helps an individual get in and out of bed safely without the risk of sliding off the edge of the bed. It encourages independence and self-reliance. How? It is all thanks to the clever design and integration of an anti-slip panel that sits securely on the edge of the bed.
It’s Uses:
• In/out of bed

Used by:
• All areas of Healthcare, from General Wards to Elderly Care
Note: this product is only suitable for people with good upper body strength