Cushion Support Glide and Lock With Handles


Compatible With Most Cushion

This brilliant product has been designed specifically to help prevent the slippage of Pressure Reducing cushions whilst also allowing users to be re-positioned at the back of the chair – either by themselves or with carer assistance. It also promotes good posture and comfort for those being cared for.

A simple product that allows a carer to help their client/patient get into a chair as well as to reposition once in place.



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Do your clients on specialist cushions keep sliding down and so compromise their posture, comfort and wellbeing?

If so, you will love this new addition to our Glide &Lock range. It does exactly what it says:
Enables people to slide further back in a wheelchair or chair
Stop the cushion slipping so the comfort of the user is maintained and their posture is not compromised.

Can be suitable for single carers, either in a supervisory role or helping by pushing on a pillow to re-position.

Alternatively, two carers can use the version with handles to help in the repositioning task.
Suitable for:
Post stroke
Multiple sclerosis
Frail and elderly
Those at risk from developing tissue viability problems.
Can be used with :
Antislip Foot Pad
Extension straps
Not sure? Need some help?
Please just call our Technical Team who will be happy to advise you. We have been supplying the NHS and healthcare establishments for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in matching people’s requirements to products.
Why would I select this model with handles and straps?
I am sitting on a specialist cushion in a large chair or on a sofa and my PR cushion keeps slipping.
I need help to the back of the chair/sofa.
I need extra help from carers and they can use the handles.
They can also use the straps, looped through the handles or even in a large chair or on a sofa