Fishermans Pro Dressing Assist Pack


Fishermans Pro Dressing Assist Pack – Washable

Are you involved in helping to dress people in bed – either short term or long term?
If the answer is yes, then you will find this fantastic Dress Assist Pack – (nicknamed Fishermen’s Legs) invaluable.

How to use: Unravel the yellow slide sheet under the person you are caring for, then slide the two “leg” sleeves over the person’s legs. (the slide sheet enables these leg sleeves to slide on easily).

Then you can easily slide the person’s trousers/pyjama trousers on and remove the leg sleeve by pulling gently from the foot end. Use the arm sleeve in the same way to slide on shirts, blouses, jumpers etc.

Dress assist pack is available in 4 different sizes that enables one or two carers to dress someone fully in bed.

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Pack Contains:
• 2 x legs
• 2 x arms
• 1 x flat sheet in a handy storage bag.

DP05 Small
Product Code: DP05S
Arm size: Upper = 48cm Length = 67cm
Leg size: Thigh = 60cm Length = 78cm

DP05 Medium
Product Code: DP05M
Arm size: Upper = 56cm Length = 72cm
Leg size: Thigh = 72cm Length = 90cm

DP05 Large
Product Code: DP05L
Arm size: Upper = 58cm Length = 77cm
Leg size: Thigh = 75cm Length = 99cm

DP05 Standard
Product Code: DP05
Arm size: Width = 25cm Length = 121cm
Leg size: Width = 35cm Length = 164cm
Other sizes by request.

Used to:
•Help carers put trousers/pyjamas on a bed bound person/child or someone who requires a lot of assistance

Used for:
•Occupational therapists
•Mental Health teams
•District Nurses
•Community Nurses
•Carers at Home
•Children’s carers