Glide And Lock Rotary Leg Extension 50cm x 80cm


Glide And Lock Rotary Leg Extension

A simple product that allows a carer to help their client/patient get into bed as well as to reposition once in place. Having unique anti-slip panels it ensures that the client doesn’t slip off whilst getting ready to be placed in bed. Can also be used to get someone out of bed.

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A wonderful product that allows one carer to help individuals’ safely into bed.
Similar to the Rotary Leg but with a few more features, this product enables a carer to reposition the person in bed as well as raise their legs and swivel them around.

•Raising legs
•Swivelling in a sitting position and then repositioning in bed
•Single carer assistance
NB: Person must have upper body strength.
Used by:
•Day Clinics
•General Wards
•Stroke Care
•Occupational Therapists
•Social Services
•Community Nursing
•People at Home
•Children’s Nursing