Katrin Inclusive System Toilet Roll Dispenser – White

£9.85 + VAT

High capacity, low maintenance toilet roll system offering a high sheet volume in a compact dispenser. The dispenser holds up to 1600 sheets, the equivalent of up to 8 standard toilet rolls†. This ensures that there is always paper in the system which in turn reduces refill frequencies.

Holds two System toilet rolls.
Seamless dispensing with drop-down roll system and adjustable roll brake.
Easy and quick to refill.
Can be refilled while the second roll is in use, so tissue is always available.
1360 – 1600 sheets, depending on paper quality.
Better paper accessibility at the front of the dispenser opening.
The lock can be used with or without a key.
No searching around inside the dispenser opening for the loose end of the paper roll.
Katrin Inclusive Dispensers are quality checked by Bureau Veritas for performance, durability, Hazardous substances, Workmanship, Controlled production.

Product Code: PP1599 (MPN: 90144)
Pack Size: Each
Katrin code: 104582



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