Kneela Pad


The Kneeler – Kneeling Pad will provide a comfortable cushioning for those who spend a long time kneeling and/or find it painful to kneel on the floor.

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MORE INFO: These kneeling pads can be used on any floor surface, inside or out, and will provide a clean and comfortable surface to kneel on whilst protecting and insulating your knees.
They are completely sealed and have been welded to ensure that they are easy and safe to wipe down.
There is no need to send these Kneeling Pads to the laundry or worry about cross-infection anymore.
It’s Uses:
• Care staff
• Carers
• Kneeling on floors or even outside on driveways or car parks
Used by:
• All hospital departments from General Wards to A&E
• Stroke Care
• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Community Nursing
• People at Home
• Car Transport and Children’s Nursing