Omron HEM-907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron 907 Blood Pressure Monitor suitable for use in clinical settings. Versatile use, from fully automatic operation to manual deflation control, providing an average reading mode that allows more accurate diagnosis, based on three successive readings. Large LCD display can show systolic, diastolic and heart rate at the same time, quiet and suitable for 24 hours use in hospital wards.
Measurement Method: Oscillometric or Auscultation.
Blood Pressure Range: 0 to 299 mmHg.
Measurement Accuracy: ±3mmHg.
Pulse Range: 30 to 199 bpm.
Pulse Measurement Accuracy: ±5%.
Memory: Last Reading Recall.
Approx. Battery Life: N/A.
Dimensions: 203 x 131 x 139mm (H x W x D).
Weight: 910g.
3 year warranty


Omron HEM-907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
Product Code: EI10718
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