ReTurn 7500i Sit-to-Stand Aid

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ReTurn 7500i Transfer System.
Designed to help people to stand from a sitting position and then to perform short transfers, the ReTurn 7500 Transfer System is easy to use and very secure. It encourages the user to stand with an easy, natural motion but it provides good support at all times thanks to its height-adjustable lower leg pads and its top section which can be grasped in a variety of different ways. Light and manoeuvrable, the ReTurn 7500i Transfer System is easy to store and to keep clean making it equally useful in the home or the professional care environment.

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Product Specification:

One ReTurn 7500i Transfer System
Uses natural movements of sitting and standing
Large wheels to deal with variety of surfaces
Ideal standing aid for rehabilitation
Easy to store away when not in use
Can be used in conjunction with ReTurn Belts
Transfer System height: 1149mm (45.25”)
Transfer System baseplate length: 686mm (27”)
Transfer System baseplate width: 572mm (22.5”)
Transfer System baseplate height: 38mm (1.5”)
Transfer System weight: 16.5 kgs (2.5 st)
Maximum user weight: 150 kgs (23.6 st)


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