Seden 500 With Pump

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Sedens 500 With Pump 

Sedens 500 Battery Powered Alternating Seat Cushion. The Sedens 500 is a light weight and versatile fully portable dynamic seat cushion designed specifically to be used in wheel chairs

The seat cushion comprises dynamic air cells which alternate in a one in two cell cycle to offer the user pressure relief in the sacral area. The cushion also offers a static mode function.

The Sedens 500 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery lithium battery which provides twelve hours of operation on a full charge.

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10, 15, 20 minute cycle time.
Portable with battery run pump
5 comfort settings ranging from 1 – 5
4 cell dynamic cushion
Maximum patient weight: 19 stone
Suitable for all standard size chairs and wheelchairs
Lightweight and portable
Two-way stretch waterproof cover
Non-slip base
Easy to clean
Constructed from high quality durable materials
Takes approximately 40 seconds to inflate
Size: 43 x 43 x 10cm
Additional Features:
Ergonomically designed foam front section for leg support
Long pipe connection
Storage pocket for temporary storage on seat
Long fixing straps on pump to fix to seat
AC/DC adaptor to charge unit


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