Stain In-Bed Turners 4 Way Draw Sheet 140cm x 200cm


Can remain under the patient at all times
Great for those who need multi positioning in bed – up/down and turning.
Best used in conjunction with Satin Turner Maxi Fit base sheet
The Combination of both silky smooth satin panels working with each other. Easy, quiet and safe movements
Anti-slip cotton on edges reduce risk of slipping.
Cotton and polyester mix for great comfort and repeated washing
Washable to 90 degrees C

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MORE INFO: Are you caring for someone for whom moving in bed is difficult? Do they struggle to move and get comfortable? Do you have to turn them regularly?
If so, then you will love this simple draw sheet. Made from a lovely cotton it has a satin lining that is smooth and soft. This, especially when used with base sheets (either fitted or flat – dependent upon your mattress type) will let you move them easily in four directions. This is because the two satin panels work together to allow you to move the person you are caring for easily, safely and comfortably

Features and Benefits:
• Reduces risk of tissue and nerve damage
• Helps to reduce incidence of pressure sores developing.
• 4-way movement in all directions for patient care
• Allows more dependent people to be moved in comfort and safety.
• Cotton and satin fibers make for comfortable in bed experience
• At 140cm long, this sheet will fit from head to hips
• At 200cm wide it allows the sheet to be tucked in well after moving – increasing patient security.
Used by:
Independent individuals’, Single carers or Multiple carers depending on independence level
FIM independence level 6- 1
Hospitals, Community Nursing, Hospices, Home care and Nursing Homes