Surgical Hand Scrub – 500ml

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4% Chlorhexidine Digluconate scrub solution for use in the disinfection and cleansing of skin in all areas requiring high level cross infection control. Includes skin humectants to help against drying of the skin through frequent use. Contains Chlorhexidine, Tinosan HP100, 4.4 Dichloro 2-Hydroxydiphenyl ether.

Clear in colour and non staining with a lemon aroma.
Effective Spectrum: Bactericidal/Sporicidal/Fungicidal.
HBV-/HIV-active, Tuberculocidal.
Gram-negative and gram-postive bacteria. Broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria.
Also available in: 5 Litre Bottle

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Surgical Hand Scrub – 500ml
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