TrachSeal Adult Tracheostomy Closed Suction System X15 – 72 hour, size F12

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Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is a hospital acquired disease, which can be efficiently fought when applying certain strategies. It has a significant impact on patient’s health, length of stay and hospital cost. Closed suction greatly reduces the potential for contamination from the bacteria which cause VAP. Maintaining a closed breathing system is part of the ventilator care bundle, designed to reduce the incidence of VAP in the hospital.

Closed suction enables a clinician to clear the lungs of secretions whilst maintaining ventilation and minimising contamination with the least possible disruption to the patient.


TrachSeal Adult Tracheostomy Closed Suction System – 72 hour, size F12
Product Code: LI3720005 (MPN: 3720005)
Pack Size: Pack of 15

The Intersurgical TrachSeal™ features an ultra clear, new softer sleeve. This allows the clinician greater feel when inserting the catheter with optimum visibility of blockage assessments. Our suction control valve is responsive and allows for single handed control of the applied suction force. The positive locking mechanism is designed to prevent suction being accidentally applied.

Trachseal™ closed suction systems are available for 72 hour usage depending on patient requirements.

All Intersurgical TrachSeal systems are supplied with:
1. Day stickers which easily identify change requirements
2. 15F–22F catheter mount for flexible connection to the patient
3. A disconnection wedge for removal of the closed suction system from the endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes with minimal discomfort to the patient.


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