Carina 350 Hoist

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Carina 350

Carina350 is a foldable, mobile patient lift adapted for safe and easy lifting of users weighing up to 165 kg/350 lbs.

Carina350 is available in four variants, with manual or electrical base widening and with standard height or low legs.

All variants are sturdy, stable and safe and, at the same time, light-weight for steel lifts.


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Flexible and versatile
Carina 350 has a relatively narrow and compact design, which means that the lift can fit into and reach practically anywhere, even in tight spaces. In spite of the handy size, Carina 350 offers a very large lifting range and, therefore, Carina350 can manage most lifting situations and requirements; both low and high lifting, seated or supine, to and from the floor, bed or chair.

Easy to set up and fold
Carina350 is foldable and requires very little space during transportation and storing. With just a few, simple operations and without any tools, Carina350 can be folded or set up as required. The lift can be used in all situations and, when it is needed more elsewhere, it is easy to move between different users, rooms and homes. The lift is supplied folded.

Extra equipment as standard
Carina350 is supplied complete and ready to use, fitted with a hand control and with the following accessories and extra equipment as standard:
SlingBar M, a two-point aluminium sling bar with secure safety latches which prevent the sling straps from creeping out of the sling bar. The sling bar is of standard width (450 mm/17.7″) and suitable for most users and lifting situations. SWL 300 kg/660 lbs.
SwiftHook, an accessory for SlingBar. With SwiftHook, changing sling bars or connecting a scale becomes very easy.
Built-in charging.

Maintenance-free castors, 100 mm/3.9″, with bumpers. The Handicare encapsulated twin castors provide for a smoother ride for the user while making the lift very easy to roll, even on softer surfaces. Furthermore, the castors do not gather dust and dirt from the floor, making them maintenance-free.

Carina350EM/EE – features and advantages
Stable and secure, still comparatively light-weight
For users of up to 165 kg/350 lbs
Foldable for convenient transportation and storage
Easy to set up and fold, without tools or loose parts
Large lifting range, excellent for low and high lifting
Encapsulated twin castors – easy rolling and maintenance-free
Manual or electrical base widening
Also available with low legs for use with lower beds
Ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre, prevents work related injuries
Quick guide on the lift
Emergency stop button readily available on the control box
Manual and electrical emergency lowering
High capacity battery with long service life
Built-in charging
Many accessories for safe, easy and individually adapted lifting of users


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