Easy Leg Turner 


The Easy Leg Turner

The Easy Leg Turner has been designed to help single carers assist the person they are caring for back into bed/ out of bed. It is perfect for supporting the lower limbs whilst raising legs and swivelling in bed/sofa and is so easy to use.

Comfortable to sit on, the person being helped just requires upper siting balance for a short period of time.

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Simple but brilliant, our Easy leg Turner allows one carer to safely raise a person’s legs and swivel them around into bed – and vice versa!
Also available as a Wipe-clean model.

Straps attachments available to prevent carers bending down.

Raising legs and swivelling in a sitting position
Single carer assistance

Used by:
Occupational Therapists
Social Services
Community Nursing
People at Home
Children’s Nursing
Day Clinics
Doctors Surgeries
Stroke Care
NB: Person must have upper body strength.