Deb Cutan Gentle Wash Hypoallergenic

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Hypoallergenic – Optimised for skin compatibility minimising further stress for people who already have a skin problem.
Unperfumed – Ensures maximum acceptability to users and minimises risk of skin sensitisation.
Dermatologically Tested – 48hr single patch test, with results validated by a dermatologist, shows the product to be ‘non-irritant’, meets the requirements of European Cosmetic Regulations.

Conditioning – Contains emollients and humectant to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling smooth and supple.
Skin Friendly pH – Similar to skin pH, therefore less likely to cause further irritation to stressed skin.
1000 shots per 1 litre.
6 x 1 litres per case.


Deb Cutan Gentle Wash Hypoallergenic
Product Code: CC0101 (MPN: CHA1000ML)
Pack Size: Each


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