Satin In-Bed Turners 4 Way Draw Sheet with Handles 140cm x 200cm


Can remain under the patient at all times
Great for those having difficulty turning in bed
Central panel is smooth for ease of movement
Antislip cotton on edges reduce risk of slipping.
Cotton and polyester mix for great comfort and repeated washing
Washable to 90 degrees C

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MORE INFO: Are you caring for someone for whom moving in ned is difficult? Are you needing to turn them regularly in bed?
If so then you will love this midi length draw sheet which can be attached to a ceiling or mobile hoist.
Suitable for patients up to 197kg, this draw sheet works in conjunction with one of our Satin In-Bed Turner Base sheets, the satin panels working beautifully together to allow the carer to reposition the person in bed safely and comfortably – up/down, sit up and turn from side to side.

Reduces risk of tissue and nerve damage
Helps to reduce incidence of pressure sores developing.
4-way movement in all directions for easy and comfortable patient care
Enables easy repositioning with little effort
Handles attach to ceiling and/or mobile hoist to facilitate regular and easy turning.
AT 140cm long, the draw sheet covers from head to hips – covering most of the body weight.
At 200cm wide there is plenty of fabric for frequent turning and also for tucking in.

Used by:
Single carers or Multiple carers depending on independence level
FIM independence level 4- 1
Hospitals, Community Nursing, Hospices, Homecare and Nursing Homes