Stain In-Bed Turner Full- Length Base Sheet For Double Bed Tuck In 230cm x 200cm 


Can remain under the patient at all times
Great for those having difficulty turning in bed
Suitable for Double Beds
Central satin panel is smooth for ease of movement
Satin Panel 96cm wide for double beds
Antislip cotton on edges reduce risk of slipping.
Cotton and polyester mix for great comfort and repeated washing
Washable to 90 degrees C
Wide enough to tuck in under the mattress on both sides.

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MORE INFO: Do you need help moving more comfortably in bed? Is moving in bed tiring and uncomfortable? If so, you will love this base sheet with its soft and silky central section, meaning you can turn and move up and down more easily and safely, as well as independently if you feel able.
This is designed to fit over your double mattress. With cotton, nonslip edges to stop you from slipping off the bed it has a lovely satin panel in the middle to facilitate easy movement.

Reduces risk of tissue and nerve damage
Helps to reduce incidence of pressure sores developing.
No training required.
Enables easy repositioning with little effort
Can be used on it’s own by people just requiring an easier surface to turn on through the night
Can be used in conjunction with our 4 Way Draw Sheets

Used by:
independent Individuals, Single carers or Multiple carers depending on independence level
FIM independence level 6- 1
Hospitals, Community Nursing, Hospices, Homecare and Nursing Homes